N.S. gas prices fall another 10 cents, lowest price since March

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Alberta's current gas tax relief plan is tied to the price of oil. For the relief to be changed, the price of WTI would need to average below $90 USD for the entire quarter. Tom Vernon explains – Aug 5, 2022

Gas prices in Nova Scotia fell by 10.2 cents Saturday morning after the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board invoked the interrupter clause. The fall comes one day after gas prices had already been lowered by nine cents on Friday during a scheduled price change.

The clause allows the board to adjust fuel prices outside of the weekly price change.

“This change is necessary due to significant shifts in the market prices of gasoline and diesel oil,” read a release from the NSUARB.

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In Halifax, the minimum price for regular, self-serve unleaded gasoline is 163.1 cents per litre. Gas prices in the Cape Breton area are the most expensive, at 165 cents a litre.

The price of diesel also fell overnight, going down 7.9 cents.

Gas prices haven’t been this low since March 2, when the minimum price of regular gasoline in the Halifax area was 156.5 cents per litre.

This latest decrease comes after a series of price drops in July. One month ago, Nova Scotians were paying nearly $1.93 per litre.

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