Global National: Nov. 24

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has testified at the Emergencies Act inquiry, defending the government's invocation of the act to stop February's convoy protests. What Freeland feared would happen if the demonstrations didn't end, and the messages she received from American investors. Ontario's official opposition is calling on the Doug Ford government to investigate group homes chain Hatts Off, following a Global News investigation which revealed a variety of allegations against the company. The reactions from politicians, former employees, and Hatts Off itself. Apple supplier Foxconn has apologized for a "technical error" in its payment systems, after employees held angry protests. What infuriated workers, the company's troubling workplace history, and how the Chinese government is handling news of the conflict. Plus: propaganda dripping with sarcasm. How Russia-1, a top state broadcaster, is using a Global News story to accuse Canada of playing a "very active part" in the war in Ukraine. And remembering a hockey hero: the tributes for Toronto Maple Leafs legend Börje Salming, who broke barriers and shattered records.