Global National: Jan. 25

Germany and the U.S. have agreed to send battle tanks to Ukraine, which could be used to drive out occupying Russian forces. How this could change the direction of the war, how Russia is reacting, and the limited options Canada has for sending its own tanks to Ukraine. The Bank of Canada has hiked its benchmark interest rate to 4.5 per cent, the highest it's been since 2007. This is the eighth increase since March 2022. How the rising cost of living has affected the social cohesion of Canadians, and how the central bank is hinting at pausing rate hikes. Housing Minister Ahmed Hussen is on the defensive over hiring food marketing firm Munch More Media. Why he's doubling down on those contracts, and who else is defending the decision. Also: an interview with Pope Francis. His views on homosexuality and anti-LGBTQ2 laws. Also, what he had to say about his health. And a blast from the past: how Quebec videographer Jason Bolanis is on a quest to chronicle historic tales from the Montreal suburb of Pointe-Claire for the next generation.